TEOSYAL® offers a range of 100% hyaluronic acid products that are non-animal, naturally decomposable and absorbable. Its unique gloss enhancement technology helps the skin replenish moisture, dilute the appearance of fine lines, and trim contours. Rednsity I helps the skin replenish moisture, diminish fine lines, reproduce shine, and can be applied to the eyes and lips. , forehead, and neck lines.

The course of treatment is handled by a registered doctor in Hong Kong.

Recommended course: 1 course every 3 weeks, 3 times in a row

Course time: about 10-20 minutes (depending on the treatment site)

Effect of maintaining: After completing the course of treatment can last up to three times a 6-12 month effect.

*The course  and effect of treatment varies from person to person, depend on skin, and  other condition. The final results of different cases may differ.

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