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Christmas Jingle Deals

Christmas Jingle Deals

Christmas is coming, come and unwrap your special “Jingle Deal”. Sparkle and glitter the Christmas with FMH.😍 

Christmas  “Jingle Deals”:

  1. Purchase any RHA filler at special price $6800 get 1 session of Ionic Pure Treatment for FREE
  2. Purchase Ultra V lift of $11,280 and above get one session of Byonik PTL Basic Face for FREE
  3. Purchase any Micro -infusion (Brightening Vit C, Anti- Aging, Pigmentation , Redensity I), get one Hydrafacial Basic Whole Face for FREE
  4. Purchase Botox/Dysport Injection 2 areas and get the 3rd area for Free
  5. Purchase Botox/Dysport 3 areas, get Cash Coupon worth $ 500 and 1session of Hydra Facial Treatment for  FREE
  6. Purchase 6 sessions of Byonik PTLaser/ ND Yag Laser and get 6 sessions of Ionic Pure Treatment & Pevonia or Medicalia Products for Free

Welcome to contact us for more information.🎉





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