Needleless atomization laser, results in radiant and flawless skin.

When people begins to reject needle injection, consumers look for a new method of injection.
Scientific, safe, effective, painless, no puncture wood have become the demand. The birth of Bio-jet has revolutionized the concept of needle injection in aesthetic medicine market. The new, revolutionized, needle-less era has arrived.

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Applying gas-powered duo-phase flow theory, liquid atomization enters targeted area under high speed jet in supersonic speed by using patented design of compressed nozzle.

Patented atomization technology

  • Using patented atomization to deliver drug into the skin to dermis.
  • Atomization of the particle maximum speed is 2.5 times of supersonic (about 850 m / s)

Innovative needleless technology

  • Replace needle aesthetic beauty, do not use needle, no medical waste and prevent cross-infection.
  • Directly sterilized and reduce the risk of pollution.
  • Process is safe, painless, heatless, do not produce blood stasis and no broken skin.

Personalized feature

  • Depending on the customer skin condition, we can personalize a suitable plan, ensuring high accuracy and strong targeting.

Low pressure and highly effective design

  • Do not need to use low pressure gas speed to accelerate (50psi), will not cause damages to the skin and tissues.

Bio-jet skin tone management

Small molecule of hyaluronic acid
The unique, one and only kind of high purity small molecule of hyaluronic acid that quickly absorbs to skin dermis grasp 500 hundred times of water molecules. Bio-jet allows the skin becomes moist, smooth, delicate and soft. It facilitates the nutrients absorption, restore skin function.

Five major function:

  1. Moisturizing; add anhydrous hyaluronic acid to the bottom of skin, results in long lasting moisturizing effect;
  2. Reduce wrinkles such as crow’s feet, frown lines and other facial fine lines;
  3. Shrink pores: refine pores, reduce oil secretion, restore freshness;
  4. Skin firmness: moisturize the stratum corneum, wake up the skin vitality and restore elasticity;
  5. Fullness: 1G hyaluronic acid = 16 times the collagen, that hollow skin to restore its fullness and even out skin texture


High purity L-VC
The only form of vitamin C that can be directly absorbed by human body.

It helps collagen to regenerate, repair UV damage to the skin, dilute pigmentation. To elevate skin radiant, to improve skin tone with a significant result.

Main feature:

  1. Anti-oxidation, prevent cell aging and prolong cell aging.
  2. Strengthen skin immunity, anti-allergy.
  3. Qickly decompose melanin, has very significant effect for pigmentation.

Whitening salicylic acid
A protease inhibitor that can inhibits protease-catalyzing the hydrolysis of peptide bonds, thereby organize the activity of enzymes such as inflammatory proteases, thereby inhibiting the clutter of epidermal cells in the dark spots and melanin, thus cut off the formation of melanin due to ultraviolet radiation.

Main feature:

  1. Effectively block the activity of the enzyme, from the fundamental formation of melanin and refuse to be a black beauty.


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