Discovery PICO

Discovery PICO

Developed by Quanta System, a leading producer in Italy since 1985.
Discovery PICO is one of the PICO laser instruments which offering the most treatment options in the market.It can output more than double laser energy, which can help doctors make better treatment.
Discovery PICO won US FDA and EU CE certified machine worldwide.
It has proven to four major concerns: reduce melanin, remove tattoos, reduce wrinkles and remove scars four troubles. It can also stimulate skin collagen regeneration, refine pores, resolve skincare problems and reappear optimal skin.
The treatment effect is better than laser machines: to accelerate the metabolism of pigment, reduce thermal damage, not easy to anti-black, rapid recovery and enhance the effect of a single treatment significantly.

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Suitable skincare

  • People with freckles, sunburn, the elderly spots, hormones, chloasma, liver spots, birthmarks and other stubborn stains
  • can refine pores, smooth fine lines, rejuvenation whitening, improve skin color dull uneven, acne scar, concave scar black circles and other issues Priority choice for people with demand of whitening skin
  • applicable to tattoos removal, eyebrows removal and eyeliner removal

Treatment before and after


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