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How to avoid side effects of Pico laser?

How to avoid side effects of Pico laser?

After finishing picoseconds, pay attention to the following:

1. During the recovery period, the scabs will fall off by themselves in about 7 to 10 days, and cannot be peeled off by hand to avoid pigmentation and scars;

2. Appropriately apply ice compress or cold spray according to the severity of the skin reaction;

3. It is not advisable to carry out strenuous exercise, so as not to sweat too much and cause skin infection or delay healing;

4. Suspend products or makeup containing fruit acid, salicylic acid, high concentration of L-C and vitamin A;

5. Strengthen sun protection and hydration during the recovery period;

6. Avoid high-temperature showers, hot springs, saunas, etc., try to be gentle when washing the face, and avoid rubbing hard;

7. Avoid eating photosensitivity food;

How to avoid possible side effects after picosecond?

Leaving aside the esoteric conceptual stuff of [Selective Photothermal Effect] theory, we can actually start from two aspects:

First, the instruments and equipment are regular, and the doctors have excellent experience and skills;
Second, the physical fitness of the beauty seeker meets the requirements.

↑About the equipment, it is because the theory of selective photothermolysis must meet three basic conditions in order to obtain corresponding effects:

①The laser wavelength penetrating into the skin must be preferentially absorbed by the [target target] (the absorption of light by the target tissue is at least 10 times higher than that of the surrounding tissue);

②The irradiation time of the laser must be less than or equal to the time required for [target] cooling;

③ Enough energy density to cause the [target] to reach the damage temperature!

When the laser meets these three conditions, tens of thousands of microscopic [targets] can be selectively damaged, without the need for the laser to irradiate each small target one by one.

Therefore, the use of regular equipment by experienced doctors will reduce and avoid damage to the skin around the spots.

↑ Regarding the second point, it is also related to the physical fitness of the beauty seeker.
Why do some people say that the skin is dry after taking Picosecond? Is it right to use a lot of masks to relieve this? How to replenish water after doing Picosecond?

Because picoseconds are all done at high temperature, when subcutaneous focusing is carried out at high temperature, the hyaluronic acid will penetrate into the subcutaneous cells for operation, which will destroy the subcutaneous moisturizing layer. The hyaluronic acid component will be destroyed first, and the high temperature operation will destroy the subcutaneous moisture Will evaporate a lot. Causes abnormal dryness of the skin.

Therefore, after finishing, the skin will appear dry, so it is necessary to strengthen the moisturizing process to solve the problem of subcutaneous dryness.

At the same time, the skin barrier is in the recovery period at this stage, and sun protection needs to be strengthened.

The last thing to remind is: it is not advisable to take collagen without authorization during the picosecond laser treatment, and you should consult your doctor whether it is available. Because it will promote the continuous secretion of collagen in the body, if it is supplemented additionally, it will cause excessive collagen proliferation, and uneven scars may appear on the epidermis.


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