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Pevonia Star Facial Treatment

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Pevonia’s exclusive Swiss formula is made from the finest selection of plants and marine elements and uses high technology to extract and stabilize natural essences to ensure that the active ingredients are accurately absorbed by the cells for the best skin repairing.

Pevonia Star Facial offers a variety of targeted care products for men and women of different ages and different skin to provide an effective skin care program.

Water Lily Facial Treatment

For the skin: all skin types, especially for the sunburn, sensitive, dehydrated skin
Treatment Efficacy: Effectively relieve skin irritation (including stinging) caused by sunburn, sensitiveness and tension. Deeply hydrates, soothes sensitive and reddening, repairs extremely dry skin.

Rose Repair Anti-Aging Facial Treatment

For the skin: sensitive, redness, aging skin
Treatment effect: rich in known as “liquid gold” known as the French rose essence and licorice extract, with repair, purification, anti-aging effect of triple. Effective soothing and sedation, anti-inflammatory, strengthen the cell membrane, the effective regeneration of damaged cells, toxins from the skin, efficient repair of hormone-type skin, so that the skin back to healthy, moist.


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