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Ionic Pure

Ionic Pure Is a Italian high technology aesthetic cleaning equipment. Under the guidance of skin structure and cell nutrients, the whole skincare are divided in three steps , target facial impurities, apply 5 types of technologies and combine seven kinds of products. It is the only machine with 8 in 1 technology to clean pores, antibacterial, repairing, oxidation, nourishment and revitalizing effect. After treatment, skin is transparent, hydrated and radiant.

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Main feature

  1. Cleanse pores, improve acne skin
  2. Accelerate blood circulation and eliminate edema
  3. Deep cleaning, resist bacterial growth and enhance skin resistance
  4. Improve product absorption rate

Suitable people

  1. Neutral, oily, combination skin
  2. Large pores, oily skin
  3. Blackhead, whitehead acne, acne, mite
  4. Thick cuticle causing dull, yellowed skin


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