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MAGsculpt Double layer Coil

MAGsculpt has won the international safety certification. It is a non-invasive and painless technology. It exercises muscle lines by increasing muscle density, improves basic metabolism of the body, accelerates the burning of fat, and relieves muscle pain. It bring one machine with multiple effects of increase muscle, reduce fat, tighten private parts, and improve long-term pain

MAGsculpt is designed with the first double magnetic coil technology, which can produce deeper and stronger high density degree magnetic frequency effect so then stimulate muscle deeply. MAGsculpt can continue release the same frequency. The highest output can be contracted and relax muscles up to 36,000 times repeatedly within 30 minutes. Free fatty acids and epinephrine are released, which enable to decompose and burn fat. Muscle build and fat loss, while stimulating collagen and strengthen elasticity.

MAGsculpt Features

  • Fat burning
  • Exercise the pelvic floor muscles (improve urinary incontinence)
  • Shaping body contours and lines
  • Build muscle
  • Simulate HIIT exercise effects
  • Improve peripheral nerve damage, stimulate neuromuscular
  • Relieve neuromuscular pain
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Nerve and muscle rehabilitation

MAGSCULPT increase muscle and reduce fat

High Density Electro Magnetic Energy

The electromagnetic field penetrates the body non-invasively and interacts with motor neurons to stimulate the muscle tissue and motor nerves trigger the contraction of super-large muscles, and the brain sends messages to stimulate motor neurons. Muscles are strengthened by these high-speed and frequent contractions. Energy penetrates to deeper muscle tissue through preset programs designed for different body parts and different purposes to strengthen stimulation and train muscles.

MAGSCULPT pain relief

MAGsculpt is equipped with a mechanical arm, which can treat all affected areas without pressing, and can adjust the intensity. Double magnetic coil energy is transferred to deeper muscles by stimulating blood vessels to increase
blood circulation, accelerate the removal of lactic acid, reduce muscle tension, relieve pain and pressure, and restore
physical fitness quickly.

MAGsculpt’s physical therapy mode is able to train muscles, relax joints, increase blood circulation, promote body
metabolism, help improve shoulder and neck pain, low back pain, back pain, paralysis, swelling, muscle weakness
and pain caused by long-term posture irregularity.

MAGSCULPT Private Care

During pregnancy, women’s abdominal muscles will be stretched when the baby grows, so that the abdominal muscles are separated vertically. Most pregnant women are prone to have separation of rectus abdominis after birth.
A research from Academy of Sports Sciences of Norwegian Akershus University pointed out that 60% of women are easily to have diastasis recti within six weeks after birth. For example, they may have abdominal ptosis.
Diastasis recti can cause a loose belly and form a pocket, which affects the appearance. The weaker the abdominal
muscles, the lower the support force of the lower back, so it is easy to cause back pain.
MAGscuplt can train the rectus abdominis, trans-abdominal muscle, internal oblique muscle, external oblique muscle to improve diastasis recti.

Combined with a private chair, the magnetic frequency stimulates the pelvic floor muscles to repeat contraction
and relaxation. It likes having Kegel exercise and able to improve urinary incontinence. Sitting on a private chair which is specially designed to strengthen pelvic floor muscle tissue for 28 minutes, the energy efficiently and
densely penetrates the pelvic floor muscle can strengthens the muscle nerve control. Patient can enjoy the
exercise that strengthen the support and elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles.


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