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PlaSon Plasma Skin Rejuvenation

$1,980 $388

PlaSon is developed based on the atmospheric pressure plasma and ultrasonic technology.

The system can be used in separate function of Plasma Poration™ and Sono Poration™, or can be used in combination of both.It is effectively used in transdermal drug absorption, skin rejuvenation, purification, tightening, sterilization and wound healing.

*Offer is only applicable for the first trial of this treatment.


PlaSon Features

1. Firming and rejuvenation
2. Anti-inflammatory and sterilization
3. Self-healing and anti-allergy
4. Collagen regeneration
5. Deeply import essence
6. Brightening and whitening

PlaSon Before And After

PlaSon repair acne skin

PlaSon Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory

PlaSon repair acne inflammation


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