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Pulse Triggered Laser

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BYONIK – the latest non-invasive and the only patented Pulse Triggered Laser Technology in the aesthetic world.

Aging Cell – Aging Skin
Skin aging is natural but external factors, such as pollution and unhealthy personal habits could negatively affect our dermal cells that accelerate skin aging. These factors would cause damage to cells, triggering wrinkles and decreasing natural ability of skin to repair itself. At the same time, the telomeres are shortened each time the cell divides. Once the length of the telomeres drops below critical minimum the cell no longer divide and the shape of the cell will become flat and loose. This is the aging process.

What are “telomeres?
The “telomeres (from the Greek telos, “end”) form the ends of the X chromosomes. Every time a cell divides, the new cell gets its information from the telomeres of the old cell. The telomeres are shortened every time the cell divides. Once the length of the telomeres drops below a critical minimum, the cell can no longer divide. The result is often programmed cell death or a permanent halt in growth – aging process of the cell.

Healthy Cell & Young Skin

  • The epidermis is plump and tight
  • The tissue matrix is healthy and intact
  • Supply of nutrients to collagen and elastic fiber is efficient
  • Fibroblast activity is sufficient

Old Cell & Mature Skin

  • Loss elastic grid
  • Flat epidermal-dermal junction
  • Dismantled collagen fiber bundles
  • Loss of the crucial cellular components
  • Decline in fibroblast activity

How does it works?

Byonik a non-invasive, patented medical laser beauty program with a three step procedure to POWER UP every dermal cell and maximize skin regenerative capacity. It can obtain optimal effect of rejuvenation & water retention against skin aging.


This patented Pulse Triggered Laser complements other high energy based devices by speed up healing, hydrating and boosting collagen and elastin production, thus 1. Reduce downtime, 2. Resolve the skin dryness issue after heating and 3. Enhance effect of other treatments.
It also complements surgical procedures by reducing swelling and redness significantly.


1.Who would be suitable for Byonik treatment?
This treatment is suitable for all types of skin both men and women. It is especially suitable for a person who has fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, dull skin, uneven skin tone and needs a boost to the skin in general.

2.Is it safe, does it hurt and is there any downtime?
It is an extremely safe treatment, completely pain-free with no downtime at all.

3.How many sessions are required normally and what results could one expect?
We would normally recommend between 6-8 sessions and the result would be as follows:
Post 1 to 2 treatments :- Reduction of fine lines and skin is hydrated.
Post 3 to 5 treatments :- Reduction of moderate wrinkles and skin is hydrated and the HA (Hyaluronic Acids) is starting to adapt to the skin so the water is retained in the skin.
Post 6 to 8 treatments :- Reduction of moderate to deep wrinkles, skin is hydrated and water is retained in the skin, skin tone becomes more even and the skin has more volume and becomes more firm.

4.Why and how will water retention be retained on the skin?
The Pulse Laser forces the cells to incorporate additional amount of HA into the skin. The cell contracts when the pulsed laser is emitted and when the cell expands, it absorbs the HA gel and locks the HA on the cell membrane. Hence the water can be retain more efficiently in the cells making the skin more supple and hydrated.

Before and After


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