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Relaxing Massage Treatment

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FMH has professional masseurs to provide customers with high-quality beauty and health massage services and provide you with unprecedented comfort.We have five type of massage services, including “Ancient Chinese Massage”, “Aromatherapy Oil Massage “, “Special Lymphatic Detox Massage”, “Pressure Point Massage”, and  “Energy Hot Stone Massage”.

FMH masseurs are proficient in their techniques, and the whole store uses high-quality care products, allowing you to enjoy the most comfortable massage experience, and let your stress and tension be completely released.

Ancient Chinese Massage

It’s a health-care massage based on the theory of Chinese medicine; focusing on meridian acupoint massage, with strong penetrating power. It can relax muscles, relieve fatigue, regulate human functions, improve human immunity, dredge meridians, balance Yin and Yang, and prolong life.

Aromatherapy Oil Massage

The aromatherapy oil massage technique is gentle, mainly pushes, presses, and touches. It uses a variety of aromatic oils to massage along the direction of muscle fiber travel, lymphatic travel, and blood vessel travel, giving people a relaxed, natural and comfortable feeling.

Aromatherapy oil can make muscle fibers passively move, promote muscle nutrition metabolism, relax the stretched muscles, and improve muscle resistance.

Special Lymphatic Detox Massage

Use traditional methods to stimulate the acupoints and meridians, open up blocked lymphatic channels, improve the circulation of blood, and expel the accumulated toxins. Helping you to detoxify immediately with painless and non-invasive techniques. Effectively improve leg varicose veins, body edema, skin sagging and joint edema, while strengthening lymph and blood circulation, expelling waste, toxins and excess water, reducing body fat, and tightening muscles.

Pressure Point Massage

Pressure point massage is mainly for the treatment of superficial fascia and muscle strain, so that muscle activity is smooth, strengthen blood circulation, and reduce muscle nodules or toxin retention. Let the movement between muscles and bones be smooth and lubricated, so that the muscles work in the correct position.

Energy Hot Stone Massage

The black elliptical energy hot stone is a volcanic basalt formed by cooling underground magma. It contains 26 kinds of trace elements beneficial to the human body, helping to relax deep muscles and stimulate blood circulation. Use a specially heated energy hot stone to massage your whole body, relax the tight muscles through deep heat conduction, eliminate muscle soreness, and then conduct heat through reflective acupoints to continuously transfer heat into the body, which helps stimulate muscle tissue and Joint adjustment function. Achieve the effect of removing edema, reducing stress, and curing insomnia.


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