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SIAX® 由韓國Medytox 藥廠,是生產一種天然、經高科技純化的蛋白質,容易被人體吸收及代謝,有效舒緩過度收縮的肌肉,從而減淡皺紋。此外,產品亦能有助改善過度活躍的肌肉,可以讓過於發達的咀嚼肌降低收縮張力,達致纖面效果。

療程功效: 針對動態紋(如抬頭紋、魚尾紋)、淡化皺紋、V面、纖小腿、面部提升、減汗,特別適合柔化斜方肌(肩膊)線條
療程時間: 約10-20分鐘(視乎療程部位及肌肉大小而定)
* 療程每個人身體、皮膚、狀況不一,效果因人而異,不同個案之最終效果或存差異。

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  • 由韓國Medytox 藥廠生產
  • 於2006年獲韓國KFDA認可
  • 2009年韓國銷量第一
  • 公認為安全有效的產品,研究證實其安全及效力跟Botox®相約
  • 產品遍佈全球60個國家,並已註冊於27個國家


  • 淡化皺紋 : 於一般情況下,療程後3-4天,即開始發揮功效,1-2星期後的效果更為顯著,約可維持4-6個月
  • 纖小腿: 於一般情況下,約療程後1個月,即開始發揮功效,2個月後的效果更為顯著,約可維持4個月或以上
  • 面部提升: 於一般情況下,療程後當天開始發揮功效,1-2星期後的效果更為顯著,約可維持3-6個月
  • 減汗: 於一般情況下,於療程後1星期內達到顯著效果,約可維持約6個月
  • V面 : 於一般情況下,約療程後約1個月,即開始發揮功效,2-3個月後的效果更為顯著,約可維持6-9個月
  • 修飾斜方肌: 於一般情況下,約療程後1個月,即開始發揮功效,2個月後的效果更為顯著,約可維持3-6個月


  • 於一般情況下,療程後可即進行正常活動,並不影響日常工作
  • 療程後約一星期也不宜進行面部療程或面部按摩,以免療程部位受刺激而影響療效果
  • 接受V面療程者,更不宜多吃需持續咀嚼的食物(如: 香口膠),免得令肌肉變得發達,影響效果



SIAX® is a natural, high-tech, purified protein that is easily absorbed and metabolized by the human body.It is effective to sooth excessively contracted muscles and thus help reducing wrinkles. Also, the product can also help to improve overactive muscles, allowing over-developed masticatory muscles to reduce contractile tension and achieve a fibrous surface.It is especially suitable for softening the trapezius (shoulder) lines for dynamic patterns (such as head-up lines and crow’s feet), desalinating wrinkles, V-faces, calf legs, face lifting, and sweat reduction.

Treatment Time: about 10-20 minutes (depending on the treatment area and muscle size)

*The course  and effect of treatment varies from person to person, depend on skin, and  other condition. The final results of different cases may differ.


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  • Produced by Korean Medytox Pharmaceutical Factory
  • Accredited by Korea KFDA in 2006
  • Recognized as a safe and effective product, research confirms that its safety and efficacy are similar to Botox®
  • Products sold in 60 countries and registered in 27 countries

Afterwards attention

  • Under normal circumstances, the normal activities can be performed immediately after the treatment, without affecting the daily work
  • About a week after the treatment, it is not advisable to perform facial treatment or facial massage so as to avoid stimulation of the treatment site and affect the therapeutic effect.
  • Those who receive V-face treatment should not eat more foods that need to be chewed continuously (such as: chewing gum), so as to prevent muscles from becoming developed and affect the effectiveness.


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