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TherMatrix is a radio frequency technology to reduce the signs of aging and smooth skin. The treatment stimulate your own existing collagen and promote new collagen growth. In just one treatment, you can see slight tightening and lifting effect, as you continue a series of treatments you will build back collagen loss.

TherMatrix heats up the dermis with mono-polar radio frequency ti tighten the collagen and promotes the remodeling and growth of collagen at the same time. Contracted collagen can act as a more stable configuration to support the saggy and loose skin and raise the contours. The skin can thus restore its plumpness, elasticity and firmness. TherMatrix can use for our eyes, face and body.

TherMatrix Features

  1. Promote the growth of collagen, making the skin more elastic and firmer
  2. Shrink the pores and improve skin texture
  3. Reduce wrinkles, stretch marks and cellulites
  4. Reshape the face and body contours
  5. Three different handpieces specialized for different body parts
    Can be used for eyes, face, arms, legs, abdomen and buttock
  6. Non-invasive and no trauma caused

TherMatrix Before and After


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