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Which is more reliable, Hyaluronic acid Deraml Filler or Ellanse?

Which is more reliable, Hyaluronic acid Deraml Filler or Ellanse?

Hyaluronic acid Deraml Filler and Ellanse have always been used for comparison. But in essence, they are not the same product at all.

To talk about the similarities, we can only say that they have filling effects and can be completely absorbed and metabolized by human body.

If you need to solve the sunken face problem. I will more recommend you to use the Ellanse.

Although the Ellanse is more expensive than hyaluronic acid, it is cost-effective.

①Ellanse can last for 1-4 years, which is longer than hyaluronic acid.

②Ellanse promotes the regeneration of human body’s own collagen, the fullness is more natural, and the touch is more real, just like touching your own flesh

③Ellanse also has the filling effect of hyaluronic acid. It is instantly plumped through CMC gel. As the gel is absorbed and metabolized by the body, the PCL component will promote collagen regeneration and replace CMC gel to achieve plumping effect.

The filling area of Ellanse feels very soft. You can touch the skin on your face for a while after your injection. It really feels so soft.

If you want to inject Ellanse, you must choose a safe and reliable medical aesthetic center!!!  Be cautious when you treat your face!

Another point is that although hyaluronic acid is cheaper than Ellanse, don’t forget  you had  pay 2-3 times within a year for it to keep the result.

And after the hyaluronic acid is absorbed, it is really gone. Instead of stimulating the regeneration of collagen, hyaluronic acid is at a disadvantage.

Finally, both Ellanse and hyaluronic acid are safe, provided that you have to find a professional doctor to give you injections in a regular institution.
This kind of filling item is very important to the doctor. If the injection is not good, the face will feel uneven.



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