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SEE-KISS needle-less Microinfusion

Brand new rejuvenation concept- German technology needle-less SEE-KISS

SEE-KISS TDA uses high-end equipment to put hyaluronic acid, oxygen molecules, minerals, nutrients and therapeutic drugs using nano-micron hyaluronic acid together. It combines with unique TDA needle Transdermal technology, releases the combined nutrients to skin cells in 450m / s (the world's fastest) through spray.
It results in rejuvenation, lifting, whitening, improve wrinkles DNA other damages to the skin.

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During the treatment, SEE-KISS TDA applicator does not contact the skin directly. It uses supersonic speed (450m/ s) to effectively spray hyaluronic acid, oxygen molecules, minerals, skin trace elements and nutrients to dermis layer. It facilitates the organic, sterilized microcell active ingredients to quickly cover every layer of the skin. It can truly add oxygen to the skin and improve skin quality.

TDA opens the upper layer of the skin, through the deep activity of hyaluronic acid and stratified into each layer of skin.

Accurate synchronization using supersonic speed, applicable for skin.

After few treatments, the sediments continues to promote cell division and skin regeneration.

  • Anti-aging active ingredients that are non-intrusive and penetrating through the epidermis at supersonic (450 m / s)
  • Stratified layers of cells directly penetrate into the periosteum layer
  • Help to improve the long-acting effect of oxygenation
  • The world’s most efficient, non-invasive treatment
  • Needle-less, painless, non-traumatic, no redness, non-swelling and safe without any side effects


Is SEE-KISS safe?
Absolutely! SEE-KISS uses all natural plant extracts of sterile organic small molecule essence from German. It is suitable for different age groups. After a large number of clinical trials, it is proven to be medical grade equipment.

How is the SEE-KISS result?
SEE-KISS result is very good! You will see immediate results after treatment: whitening, firming, dilute fine lines, fullness of skin. Each treatment can last 1-2 weeks. After 5-6 times treatment, it effectively correct skin tone. One oxidation treatment can last two months, it can rapidly accelerate skin metabolism.

How often should I get a SEE-KISS treatment?
Under normal circumstances, we recommend members to get a SEE-KISS treatment every 2-7 days. Everyone’s skin condition is different and will adjust accordingly.

Is SEE-KISS the same as needle injection?
No, SEE-KISS is different than ordinary needle injection. This worldwide top needle-less penetrating technology is painless and non-abrasive.

Does SEE-KISS hurt?
SEE-KISS uses a non-abrasive aesthetic method, the treatment is painless.

How does SEE-KISS reach to deep layer of skin?
SEE-KISS uses ATD applicator and effectively delivers active nutrients to the deepest layer of skin. The whole process is non-abrasive, non-scaring and creates natural results.

Is SEE-KISS suitable for sensitive skin?
SEE-KISS is suitable for sensitive skin. We can personalized different plans depending on the skin condition. The actively ingredients of natural propolis, plant flavonoids and phenol- with antibacterial effect.  It is especially suitable for sensitive skin with swelling and inflammation treatment.


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