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Ultra V Hifu Plus Firming Treatment

Ultra V Hifu Plus Firming Treatment is a new technology for lifting skin with non-surgical HIFU (High-Energy Focused Ultrasound) technology. It is designed for the superficial muscular decidual system of the skin and refers to the fascial connection of the face. Subcutaneous fat, and a layer of facial shallow muscles.

HIFU delivers focused ultrasonic energy in a segmented manner. Without interfering with the skin surface and affecting other tissues, the HIFU heats the skin’s inner layer to increase the temperature of the target tissue to between 60 and 70 degrees Celsius to form a “heat condensation point.” In this way, the SMAS of the skin is tightened to stimulate the skin tissue and regenerate the collagen.

HIFU can improve the structure of the skin from deeper to lighter, and over time, it gradually tightens and enhances the skin, and the improvement of the target skin area is particularly evident.



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4 major parts!

  • “Eye” repels eye lines, crow’s feet, tear lines and reproduces tight alum
  • “Cheek” significantly diminishes the tiger’s appearance, restoring firmness to the skin and enhancing facial contours
  • “Chin” Reshaping V-Contour Lines
  • “Neck” improves relaxation of neck skin

6 major effects!

  • Create clear lines
  • Contour V face lifting
  • Fast fade fine lines
  • Lift apple muscle
  • Firming eye skin
  • Lifting contours

International authentication technology

  •  KFDA & International Certification approved.
  • Ultra V HIFU Plus needle-free embedding is developed by Dr. Han Zhen, the authority of Korea’s top anti-aging beauty industry. Dr. Quan is the ancestor of R&D technology for developing PDO.
  • More energy-intensive, more precise, straight to 4.5 mm fascia, non-invasive and painless.
  • No  recovering period after treatment.

Before & After


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