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Profhilo Treatment

Profhilo is a new breakthrough skin treatment developed by IBSA,a multinational pharmaceutical corporation, owner of 65 exclusive registered patents worldwide.

Profhilo introduces a new category in the injectables market – bio remodeling.It is not a dermal filler, nor is it a skin revitalizer. Profhilo is an injectable, stabilized Hyaluronic Acid based product, designed to remodel multi-layer skin tissue.

It is an anti-aging product that treats the source of aging and not only the aging symptoms.

Profhilo stimulates the fibroblast cells, thereby increasing collagen and elastin production, activates the keratinocytes to increase the synthesis of collagen and elastin. and preserves and encourages the viability of adipocytes that affect the quality of adipose tissue.

Profhilo is composed of a highly-pure Hyaluronic Acid produced according to a patented technology (NAHYCO). Its unique composition features the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid available in the market.

Profhilo contains 64 mg of pure hyaluronic acid (HA), produced without the use of chemical cross-linking agents (BDDE).

Its innovative nature goes beyond its components and production and onto the unique delivery method, requiring fewer injections and sessions, treating even the most challenging areas such as the neck and upper hands.

Profhilo features

  • Fewer injections: Take the face as an example. Only 5 injections on each side are enough, because Profhilo has a wide spread range, unlike other wrinkle treatments that require injections of many points to be effective, which greatly reduces the discomfort of the treatment.
  • Few treatments: only 2 times (every month)
  • 12-fold collagen remodeling: Profhilo collagen and elastin genes increase 12-fold

Profhilo injestion suitable areas

  • Static fine lines
  • Vertical lines around the lips, fine lines at the corners of the mouth
  • Drooping eye tails, crow’s feet, tear grooves
  • Large pores, bumps, holes, scars
  • Loose jaw line
  • Drooping apple muscles and sunken cheeks
  • Other parts of the body: neck lines, back of hands, arms, insteps, chest

Profhilo injestion suitable person

  • If you want to improve the dullness, fine lines, pores, and elasticity of your skin as soon as possible, but you want a more comfortable treatment
  • If you want the treatment effect to be very natural
  • If you want to try beauty needles for the first time, you are afraid of pain
  • After the age of 25,  and you want to stay young


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